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Japanese art in all its forms.

Using this as their source of inspiration, the people at b.Eautiful are driven by the seemingly infinite pool of Japans creativity to curate a space of appreciation and celebration.

The Los Angeles based project thrives in putting the spotlight on others, showcasing music, design, architecture, film, print and the artists behind them. With a keen eye for the extraordinary a growing audience is invited to dive into a world of pop culture and hidden gems waiting to be explored.



While operating in the digital realm through their presence on Instagram (@b.eautiful) they translate their passion for the arts of Japan into contemporary clothing. Colourful graphics are combined with iconic branding and impactful patterns, merging into original designs paired with reimagined classics. Be it the refreshing blue of isotonic drink Pocari Sweat, the roaring flames of the 1998 Japan soccer jersey or the playful bubbles of mans best robotic companion aibo, b.Eautiful are creating pieces of art in their own right.

With the combination of quality garments and modern sensibilities b.Eautiful provide hoodies, hats and more that deserve to be distributed for everyone to enjoy.